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Curiman Brokers Group is a company focused on personal, family and business protection, through financial planning strategies and retirement plans, founded by Juan Martín Curiman in 2014. With more than 10 years of experience, today it stands out as the agency with the greatest persistence in the industry, a reflection of the support it provides and the permanence of its clients as a sign of satisfaction.

Featured by different companies and recognized as the #1 Hispanic agency in the United States, it works with the corporate conviction of “the power of people working together”, with the vision of creating responsible agents who, through innovation and knowledge, They can convey to the community the importance of guaranteeing the financial protection of Hispanic families in the United States.

Curiman Brokers Group currently offers a variety of solutions, such as life insurance, living benefits, annuities, retirement plans, and final expenses.

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What Our Clients Say...

Flor Palacios

Flor Palacios Independent Agent

I love working with Curiman Brokers Group because here I have found all the support I need, I have found a family and that has helped me recruit more agents. It gives me the opportunity to work knowing that I can bring families a policy with which clients can have peace of mind.
Here I’ve truly found everything I was looking for in other companies.

José Greiner

José Greiner Independent Agent

Working at Curiman Brokers Group has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’ve learned a lot from them, I’ve traveled a lot with them and it has truly been a great lesson in my life despite being young.

Karen Aguilera

Karen Aguilera Benefits Group

Working with Curiman Brokers Group has been one of the best experiences of my life. It is a team that is always willing to help and support us agents.

Andrés Centrón

Andrés Centrón Independent Agent

The experience of working with Curiman Brokers Group is something extraordinarily good. I’ve been working with them for nine years and believe me, you learn a lot, you enjoy a lot and most importantly: it is a very serious company in terms of work.

Aristides Torres

Aristides Torres Life Coverage IQ

There are many reasons why I like working with Curiman Brokers Group. The first is because we share the same values, the reasons why we human beings do business is when we feel empathy and this company really has something essential, which is a team that helps me, my agents and my agency to achieve every day we carry out and push all our projects and our policies.

Héctor Soto

Héctor Soto Independent Agent

I’ve been working in the insurance industry for 30 years and for the last 13 years I’ve had the privilege of working with Curiman Brokers Group. It’s been the best 13 years of my career because I’ve seen the support for my agents, agencies and businesses.
Curiman Brokers Group’s future projections are to my complete satisfaction and we only hope to have more success.